NPDC is proud to be the Primary Project Advisor and Strategic Partner for the City of Newport as it pursues its vision to be a national model for resilience and innovation.

We are a team of five companies combining specialized expertise in public-private financing, resiliency planning, construction management, legal requirements, and investment management.  Together, we are NPDC.  We are finding and reviewing potential projects, bringing together private investors for financial support tailored to each project, and working to strengthen the City’s resiliency and economy while enhancing innovation.

Converge is a multi-faceted development firm focused on infrastructure, resiliency and related projects. We partner with municipalities, hospitals, and universities to bring together private sector resources with advanced technologies to meet public sector goals. 

Louis Berger is a global engineering firm ranked in the Engineering Record-News Top 20. Louis Berger is internationally recognized for combining economic development, planning, and design-build expertise to help communities recover from storm events, such as Super Storm Sandy. Louis Berger helps communities build back in ways that assure local economies, roads, bridges, buildings, and natural resources will be better able to forecast changing conditions, withstand shocks from storms and other disasters, recover more quickly, and be stronger after storm events.

Gilbane Construction, well known throughout Rhode Island, is the oldest privately-owned, major construction company in America and has been ranked as the top construction and program manager by Building Design and Engineering News-Record.  As a construction and program manager, Gilbane serves the owner’s advocate on its projects.  The company is highly regarded in Rhode Island for its commitment to workforce development in the building trades.

Denton’s is the world’s largest law firm. Its attorneys are leaders in public-private partnership law in multiple countries, including the United States. Denton’s understands the legal structures that offer the best protection for the City against schedule and cost-overruns, while at the same time provide the private sector the opportunity to innovate in design, construction, and maintenance.

G2 Investment Group is an international company using its global expertise to create partnerships between working capital and opportunities for innovation.